Well I’ve been traveling for a little over a week and I’ve somehow found myself napping in a yurt during a thunderstorm in northern Portugal, miles from electricity or paved roads … It’s funny where life leads you, when you’re open to it. (at Guarda)

We will be spending the next week off the grid in northern Portugal, with a couple and their 3 children. We will be helping them with their organic farm and house construction in exchange for room and board. There are around 10 families who have come together and purchased a beautiful piece of land here and are in the process of creating a fully self sufficient community. The goal for me is to learn new skills, while also connecting with local like-minded people. We found this family through World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. (wwoofinternational.org) #Travelstache  (at Douro Valley, Portugal)

Torre (Serra da Estrela) is the highest point on mainland Portugal, 6,539 ft. (1993 m). Also home to Vodafone Ski Resort. #Travelstache  (at www.facebook.com/travelstache)

We pitched our tents in a deserted park in the mountains last night. Got woken up by a bull licking our tent. Serra da Estrela, Portugal #Travelstache  (at Serra da Estrela Natural Park)

Constantly reminding myself that I’m ALIVE! #Travelstache  (at Serra da Estrela Natural Park)

Camping in Portugal’s highest mountain range tonight. Serra da Estrela. The sense of freedom and adventure I’ve been dreaming of all year has finally arrived. I wouldn’t change these moments for anything in the world. I have no idea what I’m doing tomorrow, but I can only imagine it getting better. Goodnight :) #Travelstache  (at Serra da Estrela Natural Park)

Spent today touring University of Coimbra. Established in 1290, it is one of the oldest universities in the world. #Travelstache  (at Universidade de Coimbra)

samuraisouljah: Hey! I am just about to go on my first backpacking trip! Any advice?

Hey ! So sorry just saw this :) backcountry backpacking? Where to? If love to give some advice, if you still need?

ascousasquenuncadixen: What a surprise! After meeting you 238465 times in the street I also found you on tumblr! Ah! I am Maria from Oh Casa Sintra. I hope you had a great time here! Good luck and lots of adventures with your supernice tumblr and your new car! Kind regards!

Hahaha :) no way! How did you find me?? The internet is so crazy. I had such a nice time at your hostel, thank you for everything. I wish we had more time/money to stay there. You should quit your job and join us on some adventures lol ;)

The cliffs of Peniche, Portugal. #Travelstache  (at www.facebook.com/travelstache)

Definitely feeling the freedom I’ve been looking for these past few days. Spent the past two days surfing in Peniche, Portugal. #Travelstache  (at www.facebook.com/travelstache)

We bought a car this morning! ($575). The idea came about yesterday, we asked around at the hostel in Lisbon, this led us to Portugal’s version of Ebay, which is OLX. I sent out about 25 requests to sellers in the region. Annnyways, by night time I had convinced one guy to meet us at the Sintra train station at 10am the following morning. After doing some last minute research, we met the man this morning, inspected the papers, took it for a test drive, hit the ATM and here she is! A 1991 Opel Vectra with 95,000 miles, she’s a manual and rides great. Pretty pumped! I immediately drove her 1 hour from the hillside village where we were staying to a small surf town on the coast, through a massive downpour (sorry mom). I also stopped at the mall to pick up a SIM card so we can use the GPS on my phone, so now I also have a Portuguese phone number :) It was a good day… Ready for some much anticipated surf tomorrow. (at Oh Casa Sintra)

Today we spent the afternoon exploring the castles and palaces of Sintra, Portugal. A quick 1 hour train ride ($4) from Lisbon. This romantic hillside town is home to some of the most stunning 19th century architecture in all of Portugal. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Most people take a day trip to this town from Lisbon, but we decided to stay the night at #OhCasaSintra ($25), a relaxing little B&B. #Travelstache  (at Castle of the Moors)

Lisbon, Portugal today. #Travelstache  (at Lisboa Portugal)

Lisbon, Portugal today. #Travelstache  (at Lisboa Portugal)