Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Michigan. #Travelstache  (at www.facebook.com/travelstache)

Great Lakes, Great Times. #PureMichigan #Travelstache (at Caseville Beach)

Just spent the last 4 days backpacking Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. Easily one of the most beautiful spots in Michgan. We camped within dense forests perched atop 200 foot cliffs, looking out at the largest freshwater lake in the world, Lake Superior. #Travelstache (at www.facebook.com/travelstache)

A couple of hip dudes, doing hip things. #PureMichigan #Travelstache (at Van’s Beach)

Picked up my international driving permit yesterday. This will allow me to legally drive cars/motorcycles through practically every country for the next year. Here we gooo! (at www.facebook.com/travelstache)

Yesterday we kayaked the canals of Detroit. It was beautiful, yet slightly terrifying.  (at www.facebook.com/travelstache)

Playing with my new GoPro today. Pretty neat stuff. #Travelstache (at www.facebook.com/travelstache)

I’ve been coming to this beach every summer for the last 15 years. Out of all the places I’ve traveled, this remains my favorite place on earth. Caseville, Michigan. #Travelstache (at Caseville, Michigan)

Froggy #lakehuron #puremichigan #Travelstache (at Cheeseburger)

Big fat thank you to all my Moondance/Asheville people for making my last day so special.  I’m extremely grateful for all the magical times we’ve had together over the last 10 months. I love you all and can’t wait until we meet again. 

It’s quite bittersweet, however I couldn’t be more excited to spend the next 6 weeks in Michigan! I’m officially packed up and am homeward bound :) (at Art Loeb Trail)

We hit the trail at 2am and reached the summit (14,179 ft) around 9:30am. After 12 grueling hours we made it back to base camp and were rewarded with this  gorgeous view of Mt Shasta’s shadow cast across the valley. Thanks Cali, see you soon. (at www.facebook.com/travelstache)

Prepping for Shasta with the @Moondanceadventures Yosemite crew. Climbing this bad boy tomorrow! (at Mt Shasta)

Goodmorning San Fran! (at Lombard Street)

PDX in the spring.